Wednesday, June 17, 2015


There are very few albums that make it in to my eternal rotation. Dirigiri has definitely made it there! I received the CD on Monday and have seriously listened to it over 30 times. There are are countless death/thrash bands out there that really suck, and should go back to working at Hot Topics and leave the music to bands like Dirigiri. This band IS FUCKING METAL!!! If Slayer and Cannibal Corpse had a child it would be Dirigiri. Let me start of by saying when I first open the package sent from guitarist Gene Olivarri (we will get to this beast a little later) I was in awe. Like, Fuck yeah! The artwork sent me right back to the 80's thrash I grew up on and love. The artist who drew this ( that's right, I said drew) knew exactly what the fuck he was doing. With songs like " Boiled in Blood" and Toilet Extermination" I was like a girl waiting to be touched for the first time. I couldn't get the CD out fast enough. So, I take this CD and pop it in, and BAM! Right in my earhole is this amazing guitar sound. Crisp and dirty at the same time, low modulation, and brief solos in a couple of songs, that personally I feel are lacking in other bands. Not too much, just the right amount and beautifully placed. You can tell by sound that Gene Olivarri is getting out of his axe comes from dedication and loyalty to his craft. He has no time for life's bullshit or curves, only for his guitar. Next you hear the combination of guttural growling, and screaming coming from Derek Dishner's baleful voice showing off a range from a brutish death to extreme thrash. Bands who try to do this walk a thin line of sounding like shit or great, these guys nailed great. The drums on this album are so precise, it is like listening to a machine gun fire off at a range. I only hope that these guys make it out to California soon for a show. I await eagerly for another album that can blare in my jeep while aiming for Old Ladies and shitty California driver. Texas has produced a lot of great bands and they did not stop short on this one. They are putting something in the BBQ sauce in San Antonio and it is METAL!!! Horns up! \m/

Check out Dirigiri - Death By The Hands Of An Angel

"Dirigiri" EP (2014)

01. Death by the Hands of an Angel - 2:13 
02. Bone Collector - 2:39 
03. Riot - 2:21 
04. Boiled in Blood - 4:14 
05. Toilet Extermination - 2:47 
06. Straight from the Grave 2 - 2:30

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Three Sixes - 'Know God, No Peace' (Universal Sign Records)

Have you ever popped an album on, and immediately felt the blood rush through your veins, like someone just placed some jumper cables on your sack? Don't worry, just throw in "Know God, No Peace" the 2015 release from Three Sixes. This band has been putting out great metal for over a decade. This time they have really laid their balls on the table. From the amazing (not just a "dude, check out my band, we're totally metal" demo) press kit that arrived at my door. My first thought was, God Dammit! these fucking bible thumpers left some shit on my door. Oh no sir, this was a hollowed out bible replica that contained a bio pic, stickers, and a cd that screams at your eyes and ears. There is also a special surprise inside the cd case.What is it you ask? Maybe it's a heavy metal condom, maybe it's a Billy Graham poster, or maybe you should get off your fucking ass and buy the cd to find out. These guys get it! You have to market yourself, so, pimply faced metal heads eager to get their name out there, take some fucken notes kiddos. Now, on to the music... I have listen to earloads of technical, thrash, horror, and industrial metal. The track "Lead Winged Angel" in my opinion was an amazingly dark depiction of serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Title track "Know God, No Peace" is a direct punch in the face of religion and the bullshit problems it has caused. Now, many bands attempt to cover AC/DC, and many bands fail! Not Three Sixes, these guys industrialize the shit out of this song and it FUCKING WORKS! You can tell these guys have put their souls(what's left of them) into this album. Powerfully piercing vocals that stab at your chest, guitar that is so powerful, Harley Davidson might want to harness it into an engine, and lets not leave out the drums and bass, a driving force that makes me want to smash shit while listening to them. All in all, Three Sixes have put together an outstanding Metal album. So raise a glass, you boys done good! \m/